June 27, 2013

Baby Birds

 Okay...I have two stories to tell you about baby birds. One story about a squirrel and a paragraph about Spring.

Baby Bird Story #1

 One day some of our friends were over. I was standing outside. My sister yells "Rachel come here! We found two baby birds!" I of course ran over. Yes indeed. Two baby birds (I admit...the ugliest I'd ever seen) with no feathers and weak bodies were in the grass. I made sure the cats didn't get to them until my dad brought his ladder and put them back in the next. I hope they lived!
(This was at least a month ago)

Baby Bird Story #2

Now, for a long time we've known about a bird's nest in the ivy by our house. We've heard the birds cheeping, and have waited to see them come out. A few days ago one baby bird fell out, and Mr. Diamond (My cat) snagged it. He didn't hurt it, thankfully, and I rescued it and held it. (P.S, i named it Delilah because it dropped from the nest.) My Dad put it back in the nest. It flew out and grabbed the ivy. The cats were staring at it hungrily, so we kept butting them away and throwing them out of reach. Then another baby fell out of a near tree. I tried to get to it, but it hid under a bush (I named it Heidi). By then my mom was so worried that the cats would eat the babies that we put them in our laundry room to give the babies time.


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