January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I am wishing you all a great new year of 2015! Praise God that he has given us another year on this earth! I doubt that everyone has come up with a resolution yet, but here is my resolution.

1. Spend more time with my friends!

2. Keep up my all A grades

3. Spend more time outside!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the new year. It opens up lots of new chances and opportunities.In case you are wondering, I did not win the NaNoWriMo competition. In fact, due to my late start, I still haven't finished the novel!

October 30, 2014


This year, I am participating in the National Novel Writing Month, which is November. Basically, I have to write a novel that is between 30,000 and 50,000 words long. By the end of November. This is quite a challenge!

Elk Grove,
the title of my novel

Maple Cregall
the main character

I can't wait! I will be working on this during English class.

P.S wish me luck

October 29, 2014

School 2nd Semester

Life has been a bit "busy" lately. If it's not clue enough, I haven't posted in FOREVER. School changed this year! Last year I was home-schooled. This year I am attending a private Christian school. We call it briefly RCBA. I am enjoying my classes and so far am an all-A student! My class of 8th graders consists of only 5. We all know each other really well.

On average I have around an hour or two of homework every night. I also have 30 min. of piano practice to do! That doesn't leave much time for posting!

This year at Christmas, I am playing Carol of the Bells for my recital at the mall!


May 26, 2014

Movie Review

 I, once again, have not posted in about a month. Go ahead, shoot me! Literally, I'm going to start creating an alert on my calendar that reads: POST, POST, POST!

I'm sure you miss me. (yeah, right) You probably gave up on this entire blog. I've been finishing school lately though, and we have a no-technology thing the last week of school, so I am now posting. In the summer, I post a lot more.

The movie I watched lately was....dun-dun-dun-dun!

 Teen Beach Movie

I must say, the first time I watched this I thought, "what a weird, wacky movie! I mean, the plot is really boring. There's a song every two minutes (I dislike most musicals) and I am tired of fifties, sixties, and seventies themed stuff. ( I was recently in a play set in the 50's or 70's )

After I watched it again ( my little sister begged me ) I decided that it wasn't all that bad. It's not my favorite movie, but it's in my Top 50. ( A large honor to be sure :) McKenzie ( Mac ) and Brady are friends who are going to be separated. Mac surfs a huge wave and Brady goes to rescue her and they find themselves on a beach back in time. In Brady's favorite movie where people sing all the time and their hair never gets wet. Just watch the movie, I am not going to bother to type the whole entire script out to you.

( I don't recommend watching it twice, the songs will be permanantly stuck in your head, much to your discomfort )


March 22, 2014


First off, I must apologize for not posting in about a month! I just haven't thought about posting. Anyway, I am now, so I won't labor over that small trauma.

I wanted to post about the weather. The weather can be intense, as Olaf says in FROZEN

"...the hot and cold are so intense put them together it just makes sense!"

I have contemplated this for a while and have decided that nobody would really rather be cold or hot. I mean everyone would love warm, breezy days all the time. You would know you needed short and a t-shirt. But then what would happen to Hot Chocolate? It would never be cold, and no one would want something hot on a warm day, right? And if it was always cold and chilly, no one would ever want lemonade or iced tea or snow-cones! God created the seasons just perfectly, so we can enjoy different colors, plants, weather, and food and drink year round! It truly is amazing our creator considered all these things.