May 26, 2014

Movie Review

 I, once again, have not posted in about a month. Go ahead, shoot me! Literally, I'm going to start creating an alert on my calendar that reads: POST, POST, POST!

I'm sure you miss me. (yeah, right) You probably gave up on this entire blog. I've been finishing school lately though, and we have a no-technology thing the last week of school, so I am now posting. In the summer, I post a lot more.

The movie I watched lately was....dun-dun-dun-dun!

 Teen Beach Movie

I must say, the first time I watched this I thought, "what a weird, wacky movie! I mean, the plot is really boring. There's a song every two minutes (I dislike most musicals) and I am tired of fifties, sixties, and seventies themed stuff. ( I was recently in a play set in the 50's or 70's )

After I watched it again ( my little sister begged me ) I decided that it wasn't all that bad. It's not my favorite movie, but it's in my Top 50. ( A large honor to be sure :) McKenzie ( Mac ) and Brady are friends who are going to be separated. Mac surfs a huge wave and Brady goes to rescue her and they find themselves on a beach back in time. In Brady's favorite movie where people sing all the time and their hair never gets wet. Just watch the movie, I am not going to bother to type the whole entire script out to you.

( I don't recommend watching it twice, the songs will be permanantly stuck in your head, much to your discomfort )


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