March 22, 2014


First off, I must apologize for not posting in about a month! I just haven't thought about posting. Anyway, I am now, so I won't labor over that small trauma.

I wanted to post about the weather. The weather can be intense, as Olaf says in FROZEN

"...the hot and cold are so intense put them together it just makes sense!"

I have contemplated this for a while and have decided that nobody would really rather be cold or hot. I mean everyone would love warm, breezy days all the time. You would know you needed short and a t-shirt. But then what would happen to Hot Chocolate? It would never be cold, and no one would want something hot on a warm day, right? And if it was always cold and chilly, no one would ever want lemonade or iced tea or snow-cones! God created the seasons just perfectly, so we can enjoy different colors, plants, weather, and food and drink year round! It truly is amazing our creator considered all these things.

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