April 27, 2013

Computer How To: Teardrop

How many times have you been using Microsoft Publisher and you cannot find a tear shape? There isn't one!

This post is going to teach you how to make a teardrop using Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Powerpoint, Paint, or any other program that lets you use shapes. First of all you need a clean page, new slide etc.

You will need two shapes to make this teardrop. A circle and a triangle.Once you have your two shapes you will need to fill them in with blue.

 I recommend a light blue as the blue color you use. If desired you may make it any other color.
Once you have your two blue shapes drag the triangle over the circle.

Your shapes should look like this.If not you may have made your triangle too big or two small. Adjust by dragging the corner in or out while holding the shift key. Once your shapes look like this you have two options.

You can decide which finish you'd rather like, instructions below.

1. For finish number one you will need to make a straight line and drag it along the black line showing. Once it covers the entire line let go. Then make the line the same color blue as the triangle and the circle. Wa-la! A teardrop!

2. For finish number two simply make the triangle and circle's outline color be the same blue as their fill color. Wa-la! A teardrop!

 * Teardrops can also be petals! 

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