April 26, 2013


There are so many people with cancer! Just last week one of my friends aunt died from cancer! I have another friend who's aunt also has cancer, and my teachers aunt was a cancer survivor twice!! Have you noticed a coincidence for the people who have cancer? Every single person I said has or had cancer was an aunt of someone. Every person is special and its hard to lose something you love! It was hard for my friend and her family after losing someone they lost someone they loved!
In school, we are currently making bags for Relay for Life. If you are wondering what it is its a relay where cancer survivors or people who know someone with cancer can walk or run. It is a 24 hour event with activities going all night long. The reason we are making bags are for the candles they put all around the track. The candles go inside the bag...they look awesome at night and in the early morning! Please donate money to cancer funds...even just a little bit can save someone's life!!

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