June 3, 2013

Easy Gift Idea

Ok...What you'll need...

Recycable Bag-

  • Stickers/Sharpie...whatever works best for you
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Your Gift
  • Tissue Paper
  • A Car Trip to the dollar store/ Target/ Walmart / any party supply store.

Now, this is really a good idea! ( I Came Up With It!)

Alright. Put your present(s) in the bag you chose. Mine was pink. Now take your stickers/sharpie and make the design as you would like (I used white flower stickers and just cut half of some off like the flower on the bottom of the bag). Now slide your card in. Open the tissue paper...and ta-da! A Perfect Present! Now you spent a little more time on your friends present than just buying her/him a gift bag from the store! I hope this was helpful!

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