August 17, 2013

Book Review- A Year Without Autumn

A Year Without Autumn-
A girl named Jenni lives with a pregnant mother, a younger brother, Craig, and her dad. Her family takes the same vacation every year. They go to a village of houses. Her best friend Autumn, and her little brother Mickey and her family come along also. This year, when Jenni takes the old elevator up to see her friend, she jumps a year in time. Autumn's brother Mickey has himself in a coma, that he is not likely to come out of, Her parents have lost jobs, and their expensive lodge they used to rent. Jenni is horrified to find that her mother has had her baby sister, Thea, and that she is more stingy and picky than ever before. Not to mention that the used-to-be spotless cabin is now trashed. Jenni comes back to the present and then jumps two and three years into the future. She finds that Mickey's coma is her fault, and is given the lucky chance to come back to the present a day earlier, and is able to fix everything.

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