November 26, 2013

Story Ideas

I love writing stories, but I have a hard time finishing a story. I'll have a great idea, start the story, and then forget about it. So, I've decided to write down some of my ideas for others to see and write about!

A Group Of Four Girls That Live On A Cul-de-sac
 A group of best friends that live on a cul-de-sac and discuss girl-things.
The girls are ages 10-13

A Story Of An Ant in an Ant Hill
an ant living in an ant hill. Describe the
characters like people.

A Historical Fiction Story of a Viking Girl
the story of a girl living in viking time period

A Rich Snob turns Friendly
a rich girl learns from ______that
kindness is better than snobbiness.    


There have been many more ideas, but I will space them out. If you are choosing one either for a short story, a personal story, or a publishable story, leave a comment!
It would make be feel good to know someone is using my idea!

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