April 13, 2013


Today I am going to post about B things. For instance, B shoes, and B brands, and B for birthdays!

Okay, onto B shoes. There are few brands of shoes that start with a B.
Bobs are one of them.
This is kind of weird, because we LOVE the Tom's shoe brand, as seen here and here.
Bob and Tom are both guy names, which is funny. Now what is the difference between Toms, Bobs, and Airwalk?
As seen in the picture above, Toms and Bob's look alike. While Airwalk is right alongside! This is a major confusement I'm sure. 

Onto B brands!

How many brands do you know of that start with B?

Banana Rebublic
Betsey Johnson

Now, B is for Birthday!
Speaking of....my little sister is turning nine, she is adorable.
My Sister is in her NEW hammock she got for her birthday.

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