April 17, 2013

A post is a post

Today I will share with you  lot of random things. Below is a trivia I answered.


polka dots or stripes?

skirt or dress?

necklace or bracelet?


long or short?

Curly or straight?

Braid or fishtail braid?


spicy or not?

Taco or chalupa?

Tea or punch?

Okay, now that is taken care of...onto the movie I watched recently!

In Summary:
Theodore (Don Knotts) and Amos (Tim Conway) are
two goofballs who, in the last movie, were living with
Donovan and Dusty, and married couple. Now they set 
off to get some money. They plan to steal some of it.
When they go to the Bank to deposit money they run into 
a Bank robbery and become associated with it.
The famous marshal is defeated by them and swears
not to sleep until he has them put the death. Throught this
thrilling movie he gets crazy and keeps trying over and over to kill them.
Finally they end up saving the day.

The most recent book I've read.

In Summary:
Princess Emeralda, otherwise known as Emma,
sets off for Upper Montevista. She plans to use magic,
but her mother insists that she take a caravan of carriages instead.
So Emma sets out with her beloved Eadric to win his parents 
blessing for their marriage. She meets toils along the way, and
is forced to use magic. She finds out Eadric's  annoying brother 
Bradston has been kidnapped by the troll queen and sets out
to find him. She meets vampires, cockatrices, and sees roc remains.
All this to win her soon to be in laws blessing.

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