June 1, 2013

All About House Shopping

Okay, believe me. I know your troubles in looking for houses. We are doing the same thing you are, House Shopping. Today your life is getting easier.

Tip #1-

When you're looking for a house you have to decide. "I am buying a house to live in for a year" or "two years" or "until my hubby gets stationed somewhere else" or "forever". Based on that, you know that you'll need a house that can work for your x amount of time.

You also need to decide, "I want a brick house" "Jim, I'm going for the rocks on the front" "Oh my goodness, I am digging the paneling" That way you know basically what type of house you want.

Space is another problem. You have four kids. Yikes! A grand total of six bedrooms! (kidding)

Think about it like this.

3 bedrooms
4 bedrooms
5 bedrooms

1 bath
2 baths
3 baths

large backyard
small backyard
trees in backyard
I don't care

Location matters
Location doesn't matter

HOA - (Home Owners Asssociation
Neighborhood Pool
Park Nearby
All of the above
None of the above

Great! Now you know what your looking for! (I'm not covering $$$)

A great place to look for house is Zillow.
All you have to do is type in your desired- city, state, neighborhood, street, etc.
It'll pull it up. You can create an account and save your favorite houses,  and leave comments on houses too.
Guess what? There is also a Zillow app! For android, i-pad, i-pod, and i-phone. (It may be for more. Idk)

Realtors, however, do not recommend Zillow. It is a little outdated. So before you fall in love with 1385 Lake View Dr., Teresa, make sure it's still for sale. :)

Realtors, isn't it ironic, :), refer you to Realtor.com.
I'm not joking. Realtor.com is all updated info. PLUS you can have an account. Your realtor can see your comments on houses as well as send you more to look at! (Not using a realtor? I recommend it)

Allrighty, Allrighty. So it looks easy, right? Yeah...but it's not.
Here come the hard part. Read below.

Laura: Oooh Tom, 1275 Oak Lane is my favorite so far!

Tom: Earlier you said it was 56 Fallber

Laura: Oh yeah...

Tom: So...

Laura: Well Oak Lane is 137,000

Tom: Fallber is 136,000

Laura: Why?

Tom: It doesn't have a brand new fridge

Laura: Oh...

What would you do?...
Buy the cheaper, or go for the new fridge? These are questions you will HAVE  to go through.

Hope this helped!

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