May 27, 2013

Okay...just an update

Okay...just an update. Here are MY REVIEW of a book  I've read recently.

Once Upon a Marigold-

This story is a very interesting fantasy. A troll named Ed lives in a cave
where all the rooms have colored crystals in the roofs. He stumbles
across a boy one day who is lost and running away from home. This
boy's name is Christian, and he is seven. Ed brings up the lad,
but he didn't want to at first. Ed would have returned him to his folks, 
but they were no where to be found. When Chrsistian grows up he
notices a black-haired princess. He p-mails her and they become bosom
friends. Their friendship is sealed with an oath. Ed sends Chris to work
at the castle, and her finds himself living close to his love.
There are family battles, a defiant tricky queen, loyal, apologetic sisters,
and a very sick king. There is also a wedding.

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