June 5, 2013

I Got The Backyard Blues!

Not again! The backyard is boring? No trees? *GASP!* Not even grass!

Okay, okay. Your scenario is probably not that bad. You may have grass, but no landscaping. Easy peasy, if your husband will do that sorta stuff for ya. Okay, what if you have this beautiful tree covered yard with grass and...but you want landscaping, NOW!

Okay, this doesn't look like the same house. Why? Because they re-did the back of the house too. If this is more of what you are hoping to accomplish ahem, I suggest finding a pro. (No Marsha I am not saying Tim cannot do this) 

Now, my mom is extremely bothered by shrubs! Do they bother you?
If shrubs or bushes bother you then GET RID OF THEM! Don't think twice about it. You won't miss them. Again, to make the house look fresher, the owner re-painted the house and added adorable handles to garage.

Does your backyard look like this?

Okay, simple grass, landscaping, molch, flower beds, paths, and some time will make your yard look better.

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