July 5, 2013

4th of July

So what did you do last night? Were you able to sleep?

My family and I went up to the road. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac. We did sparklers and poppers on our un-covered carport when you could still see out. We also did  colored smoke bombs. Those were fun!
It was very sad for me, knowing this is my last 4th of July at my house. We're moving. Plus it would probably be the last time we got to do our own fireworks at our own house. In the city you can't, and that's where we're going.

The 4th has always been fun for me. Our fireworks up at the road where the sky is clear were fun! One of them lasted for two minutes straight! Another only 10 seconds. :(
After we ran out of our fireworks we brought up chairs. The people that lived behind us were doing fireworks. I say, they must have spent at least $500 dollars, proably more, on fireworks! They lasted for EVER! Once the fireworks had stopped for a bit we went and got our bikes and flashlights and rode at the road. That was totally fun! We kept watching the fireworks. Finally, it seemed we they were done so we went back to our house.

(Also, while we were up watching fireworks, we heard an ambulance :( My guess is someone burned themselves doing fireworks) ▲

3 things that happened when we got home:

1. We found out the door had been ajar the whole time.
2. I was so excited I couldn't sleep
3. It was really, really loud!

Did you have fun last night???

(I didn't get in bed until 10:35!)

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